Freelance Writing – What Magazines Accept Freelance Submissions?

Feb 27

Nowadays, writing jobs are one of the most flexible and high earning jobs that freelancers could ever wish to undertake. If you already like to use pen and paper where you can express your thoughts, then why not derive revenue from it?

The value of freelance writing is elephantine, because there are so many avenues open for the contemporary freelance writer. You can work for newspapers, blogs, magazines, and even freelance websites. The major advantage of writing jobs is that you can work in your own time, and it becomes completely your choice to work hourly, monthly or weekly.

To commence with your writing career you can submit your stories in competitions, work as a scriptwriter, columnist or journalist. Freelance writing is all about blending grammar and imagination.

There are many magazines which can give you writing jobs and you can get credits for freelance writing. Some of them which can act as a launching pad for new writers are listed as follows:

* Creative Nonfiction: This magazine is the first of many which can provide you with more than enough writing jobs. You can work for this magazine either on daily wages, or on exclusive terms. In addition, it has a very high rating as a literary magazine.

* American Journalism review: This is an American magazine which can provide you writing jobs related to all niches. Since it publishes 10 times in a year, the scope of getting freelance writing jobs there is substantially maximized.

* Event magazine: In Event you will see journals related to fiction, poetry, and critical reviews. It is the best place from where you can initiate your freelance career. You will get a minimum of $30 per publication.

* Poetry magazine: Poetry foundation is a leading poetry organization in the world. They discover talent and publish it through their magazine and pay $ 10 per line which is a very good deal. Their vigorous and aggressive presence in the poetry world, has given them both huge fame and appeal.

* Writer’s digest: It is a well-known magazine which is known to especially promote the freelance writing career of new entrants or unpublished writers. You have a choice of submitting either fiction or non- fiction work here.

There are many other magazines which can act as the starting point for all the writers who want to learn and develop their freelance writing career. Women can even try writing jobs for magazines like Bitch Magazine, Flare or Vogue. The important point is not to wait too long but to make a start.

By : Gerard Mohamed

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